Single Moms

Why every single mom should have her own business

Single mothers are frustrated.  They are tired of having to bear the financial burden of raising their children all by themselves.  Some are lucky enough to get some child support, … Continue Reading → victory

How to overcome disappointment

We have all experienced disappointment at one point or another in our life.  It comes with the territory.  Whether it was a job, business or relationship we have all wanted … Continue Reading → baby weave

Unbeweavable: The battle from truth, justice and hair in the Black community

I said this on my Facebook page and I stick by it: As Blacks we will find no shortage of things to divide us as a community. Here is the … Continue Reading →


Attention Women: It’s not a double standard, men just know how to play the odds

All right I just had to interrupt my series on Raising Self-Esteem to go on a rant for a few minutes.  I am seeing all over the internet how women … Continue Reading →


How to Build Your Self Esteem-Admit you have a problem

Low self-esteem can be traced to many of the problems we see in the world today.  We often hear that phrase, but what does it really mean?  Self-esteem is how you … Continue Reading → Don Lemon

Solving Problems in the Black Community: Victor or Victim

Don Lemon has really been catching some heat lately for some comments that he made about solving problems in the Black community.  Maybe it was because he agreed with Bill … Continue Reading → 2nd place

Why he married her and not YOU

You would not believe the number of women that stay in relationships year after year and never get one day closer to being married.  These women have many times sacrificed … Continue Reading →

D Wade's Ex  -Stop the madness.

To the Ex-Mrs Wade: Get off the corner if you are not a H**

  I am sure by now you have all seen the deranged looking picture of Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife sitting on the street begging for attention.  She truly looks troubled and … Continue Reading → TrayvonMartin

5 things we can do to honor Trayvon Martin and rallying isn’t one of them

With the recent verdict in the George Zimmerman trial it has really caused a lot of anger and frustration in the Black community.  Some have rallied, some have rioted and some … Continue Reading → Paula

A rally for Paula Dean? Are you serious?

Black folks love to rally.  We will rally to get you in office.  We will rally to get you out of office.  We will rally when we like the verdict … Continue Reading →